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After 20 years of outlier success in the music industry, The Birthday Massacre continues to grow their art and their fan base.

Millions of streams attest to the legions of fans who are added to the Imaginary Monsters Army daily. From their earliest work, Nothing and Nowhere through their iconic Walking With Strangers,( which has been called the Sgt. Pepper's of Dark Wave), and 10 other mysteriously fascinating albums, the band defies all attempts to label them. But that is because they came at their music from an Art College perspective and not as a band thing. The band was one way to express their art and it remains that way today. There is both a continuity and an exploration to the music they release. Easily recognizable as The Birthday Massacre but stretching the boundaries within their own mindset, each new release is eagerly anticipated by tens of thousands of very loyal fans. Fans as loyal to the band as the band is to them.

Now the band is poised to have their most ambitious year ever with the release of a new album, the unveiling of a website that is another "work of art" and a full slate of live shows. From clubs to festivals The Birthday Massacre will be engaging their old and new fans with a mix of the familiar and the new music that is uniquely them. Now is your chance to see and hear the band that you have heard so much about. 2022 is going to be a good year to see and to be seen. The Birthday Massacre is ready to live up to your expectations and more. That is why they continue to grow in popularity.

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