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Bandinfo: homo~futura
Mankind is talking about a new world and is figuring its future - but is there space for the homo sapiens in real future? Isn´t this whole planet screaming for a new "pride of creation"?

homo~futuraSomething that is finally in accord and on a par with the environment? The human race could create this creature to show that there is something beyond their existance as the "blemish of nature"...

Visions about that are not new at all! Mary Shelly was writing about that kind of creature already 100 years ago: The son of Dr. Frankenstein; by then still filled with bitterness of its Maker and unable to see humans as its master. But it is just one small step to present this symbiosis as the "new human". Dispatch the blamish called "human" from mother earth - make way for something new. Something strong. Something intelligent. Something invincible....

Make way for the "homo~futura" - the human of the future. And this is where the new project begun. Inspired by the roman by M.Shelley as well as by the brilliant radio plays by H.G. Francis (EUROPA) with episodes like "Frankenstein Sohn im Monster-Labor" or "Dracula und Frankenstein die Blutfürsten" (among others with the voices of Hans Paetsch and Horst Frank). They don´t just talk and think. They dont smudge the operating table awkwardly with blood or juggle with striking pseudo proses. It is about the process of creation.

A procedure - that is not only a mental challenge. An offence against the human "EGO-complex" (ICH-Komplex) and against the humans self. The soundtrack to that procedure enforces the use of synthetic sound machines and the lyrics are craving for a consequent questioning of your own "EGO". To create a pathos that is actually not man-made any longer.

The project "homo~futura" is to be understood as the medium for an idea and its implementation. Created in the year 2004 by Dr. Georg Linde (aka Honey from Welle: Erdball) as singer, writer and composer; Frl Plastique (Welle: Erdball, The Girl & The Robot) as singer and ambassador of the female influence and by F.Enstein as executive power. 2009 the movie-artist, actor and musician Kevin Gross (Konsequentfilm, ES, Xrossive) joined the project and brought in unreleased material which got re-recorded for the creation of the new album "Der Neue Mensch".

CLICK ME! "Der neue Mensch der Zukunft wartet... und ich werde ihn erschaffen. Ich... Dr. Frankenstein!"

By the initial try in 2003 with the so called band "Das Präparat", this new formation called "Homo~futura" was created. With clear, artificial sequences, synthetic sounds and the referred to what we are aiming for we are creating the new human.

homo~futura: an attitude to life that requires your own death?!"
Homo~futura played first concerts in scottland, swiss, the netherlands and in germany (for example "Wave Gothic Treffen 2006). During the concerts the stage turns into the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein with stylistic devices of musical and theatre integrated.

"Because mankind is only precious as the slave of its own consumption!"
2001 - 7 years later - homo~futura decided to release the album "Der Neue Mensch". Beause of the long time of production the CD will be release as some kind of "Best of"-abum since many songs like "Klaustrophobie", "Links- Rechts" or "ICH-Komplex" became clubhits without being actually released on a record and therefore "Der Neue Mensch" will contain 14 tracks that has never published before like that.

If u expect us to knock the new human together out of your human ballast then you are on the wrong track. The new human might arise right now and maybe even through YOU in yourself. Be with us!

gez. Dr. G. Linde, Frl. Plastique, Kevin Gross & F. Enstein
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